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Amarr Garage Doors
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Amarr is one of the country’s top manufacturers of residential and commercial garage doors and openers. The company was established in 1951. Products are for wide applications, from homes, apartments, buildings, malls, to industrial properties. It is a part of Entrematic, a company known for entrance automation for almost 200 years. Amarr is US based, and offers rolling sheet, sectional, rolling steel, and other types of garage doors.

Advantages of Using Amarr

Amarr Garage Doors 24/7 Services

Amarr boasts garage doors that are unique and durable. Each product is built with quality materials and heavy-duty steel. It features SafeGuard Pinch protection. This feature enhances security for your door. This prevents hand and finger injuries. You can also benefit from energy efficiency of Amarr garage doors. There are noise-reduction options as well. You can have the best garage door suited for your location. When you choose their products, you support recycled materials since their doors are made with recycled content. You will not have any problems looking for Amarr doors all over the country because they have thousands of independent dealers who sell, repair, and install their doors, and that includes our Garage Door Repair Anastasia Island.

Their residential garage doors are equipped with Safe Guard system that includes patented hinges, bottom brackets, and pinch protection. Choose from their carriage house, traditional, and specialty styles. Each of these style categories features a collection of quality doors.

Common Issues

We respond to common issues related to Amarr garage doors. The common ones we encounter are squeaking doors when opening or closing. This could be caused by regular use and does not really indicate a serious problem. Lubricants can be used to smoothen this out. We can also fix frayed cable. This should not be repaired by a person with no professional training for it can cause injuries. If the door does not open smoothly or if it makes loud noises, we check the problem or recommend maintenance. We also repair remotes and opener problems. 

Care and Maintenance

Our company offers periodic maintenance for Amarr garage doors, which is highly recommended. Safety of the door and opener systems is everyone’s business. Some of the tests performed are reversal, force setting, and safety devices tests. Visual inspection of the rollers, springs, cables, and pulleys should be routinely performed, as well as door balance tests.

Monthly visual inspection of the garage door and its parts should be implemented. This will let you see signs of wear. Regular lubrication of the moving parts can also help the system run smoothly. Balance tests are performed to uphold smooth operation. This is affected by starting with the door closed, and operated manually. The door shall be lifted and released. It should be lifted smoothly and with just slight resistance. Otherwise, it needs adjustment. Aside from repair and maintenance, our company can tell you the right Amarr garage door that fits your home and budget.

If you want a traditional style or a modern one, Amarr has the perfect garage door for you.

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