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Replacing garage door springs

Replacing garage door springs
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If you have lived or stayed in a home that has a garage door then chances are that you have experienced an issue or two with the door. Machinery breaks down, it happens. Normal wear and tear affects almost every type of machinery and garage doors are no different what so ever. Especially, considering how frequently they are used. Just the normal up and down motion that most roll-up doors perform can cause stress on parts, joints and the door springs.

How to know if it is the springs:

Replacing garage door springsThere are many small things that can go wrong with your door. There are a few noticeable things that you should know about when referring to the garage door springs or another part. These doors do have many small, moving parts that tend to break down through time and pressure. The easiest way to have your door issues inspected is simply by calling a garage door maintenance service and have them come to your home and make the diagnosis. But sometimes this is not an option, sometimes because of time and other time because of money or another issue.

Helpful Tips:

The first tip is to know your springs. There actually may be a few types of springs in your door depending on the type and make of the door. There are extension springs for garage doors and torsion springs. These two are the most common types that you will find. The second tip is to not try to force the door opened or closed as this can lead to very serious and expensive damage. The next tip is find out all the pertinent information on the door so you can find the help you need, the right parts, and the right tools. This is a very important step in the process. If you can, find out the weight of your door, the model and the measurements of the springs. This will go a long way in getting you started on the right foot.

Next time you have spring issues, instead of calling out and shelling out money for broken garage door spring service take a look at the issue yourself and maybe this is a job you could handle on your own.

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